Hoveizeh as displayed on a pamphlet at IPAS 2017 held in Tehran in October of that same year. Notice the similarity to the U.S. M107 Barrett.
A photograph taken of the Hoveizeh semi-automatic rifle, below the Iranian AM50 in a display case at IPAS 2017.

The Hoveizeh is a semi-automatic, gas operated, magazine fed, self-loading anti-material rifle. It is an Iranian produced copy of the U.S. M107 Barrett of similar design. Unlike the U.S. version, the magazine appears to be polymer instead of sheet metal, in addition there are a number of exterior modifications. However the operating system itself appears to be an exact replica of the M107.


Defense Industries Organization
12.7x99mm (.50 BMG)
Magazine Capacity 5
Range (Max/Effective) ?/830 m
Length (Overall) 146 cm
Weight (Unloaded) 13.2 kg

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