Safir AR Magazines in use by Peshmerga, Iran

Safir Arms is a Turkish firearms company that primarily produces .410 AR clones. However, the company debuted a 5.56x45mm NATO AR magazine in 2014 along with a bullpup rifle under the name T-14 that shared a number of AR components. The rifle never seemed to have advanced past a prototype stage, but the magazine design included was turned into a manufacturing run. Currently it is listed on the company’s website and in the catalog. The listed magazine and bullpup rifle appear below along with a modular adaption of an AR rifle.

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Unlike similar polymer magazines such as Magpul’s Pmag and ProMag’s signature polymer magazine, the Safir Arms version has four columns along the side of the magazine, in addition to a ribbed portion that sits below the magazine well of an AR when inserted. Observe the differences in the photographs of the Magpul and Promag-

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However, recently the same magazine design has appeared in usage with certain Peshmerga forces, specifically security forces armed with NEA Arms PDWs in Kurdistan. In addition it also appeared in a recent Iranian defense weapons exposition in Tehran. Whether or not the magazine has been copied by the Iranians and being manufactured locally is unknown at this point in time.

With the Peshmerga in the ARES post-


And at the Iranian exposition-

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