Basij Militia Selfie Stick



During the training exercises of Iranian Basij militia forces, the personnel found a controversial use for what looks to be a Chinese made underfolder AK-47. The guy in the image has mounted a phone on the stock and uses the gun as a selfie stick! Why controversial? Well, at first it looks to be a nice trick, which various armies’ soldiers have been doing lately. On the other hand, the Basij soldier violates key safety rules by pointing the gun at himself. He actually doesn’t care about three of four safety rules. I hope at least he has a good trigger discipline.


About the Basij Militia, from Wikipedia-

The Basij (Persian: بسيج‎‎, lit. “The Mobilization”), Niruyeh Moghavemat Basij (Persian: نیروی مقاومت بسیج‎‎, “Mobilisation Resistance Force”), full name Sāzmān-e Basij-e Mostaz’afin (Persian: سازمان بسیج مستضعفین‎‎, “The Organization for Mobilization of the Oppressed”), is one of the five forces of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. A paramilitary volunteer militia established in Iran in 1979 by Ayatollah Khomeini.
It was an independent organization from inception until 17 February 1981, when it was officially incorporated into the Revolutionary Guards organization structure by the Iranian Parliament.
Today the force consists of young Iranian volunteers. Basij serve as an auxiliary force engaged in activities such as internal security, law enforcement auxiliary, providing social services, organizing public religious ceremonies, policing morals, and suppression of dissident gatherings. The force is named Basij and individual members are called basiji.


Hrachya is an Infantry Veteran from Armenia, who uses his Russian fluency to research historical and contemporary small arms.

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