Arabic Guides to Kalashnikov and Ammunition Nomenclature

Much like in the United States Kalashnikov collector or enthusiast market, Iraqi Kalashnikov owners understand the differences in quality between AKs from different countries. The European ones take precedence over Chinese, and Russian variants when original remain supreme and commandeer a premium when it comes to cost.


These sets of markings are designating the country of origin stamps in addition to examples of serial number blocks.

While still maintaining the country origin markings, this chart explicitly shows the selector markings as well. Understanding and making sure all the markings add up is very important if a seller is to ensure the Kalashnikov he is purchasing is indeed genuine.

In addition to country of origin markings, these are guides in Arabic to ammunition markings and nomenclature. With the Iraqi flag imprinted in the graphics, the photographs appear to have been edited and translated by an Iraqi enthusiast.

Miles is the founder, editor, and local Khan governing Silah Report. He is quite found of obscure languages, dangerous locales, and fascinating small arms designs and uses.

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