Kazakh Armed Forces Preparing for a Military Parade

Kazakhstan Army Parade 660x340.jpg

Various branches of Kazakh Armed Forces are preparing for the military parade which will be held on May 9, 2017. The parade is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Kazakh Armed Forces. Although there was no new firearm spotted (yet), it is still interesting to take a look at some of them in the hands of Kazakh military personnel.

Kazakhstan Army Parade.jpg

In the above picture, the special forces units carry Beretta ARX 160 rifles chambered in 7.62x39mm, which also feeds from AKM pattern magazines. They also have EOTech 512 series reflex sights and GLX160 grenade launchers mounted on the rifles.

Kazakhstan Army Parade1.jpg
On this picture, you can see the soldiers (possibly also special forces) with accessorized AK-74 rifles.


Kazakhstan Army Parade 2.jpg
Female soldiers with AKS-74U also known as “Krinkov” rifles.
Kazakhstan Army Parade 3.jpg
As in many post-Soviet countries, SKS rifles are used for the ceremonial roles in the parades and other events.
Kazakhstan Army Parade 4.jpg
Military police personnel armed with pump-action shotguns.

Other than mentioned firearms, the rest (majority) of the soldiers taking part in the parade are equipped with AK-74 and AK-74M rifles.

Kazakhstan Army Parade 5 (1).jpg

Kazakhstan Army Parade 5 (2).jpg

Kazakhstan Army Parade 5 (3).jpg

Kazakhstan Army Parade 5 (4).jpg

Kazakhstan Army Parade 5 (6).jpg

Kazakhstan Army Parade 5 (7).jpg

Interesting to note how the weapons from the ’70s are still capable and are the main weapons of many armies. Also, newer weapon systems find their way into the arsenals blending with existing ones. In that sense, it was a wise choice made by Beretta to not only chamber their ARX160 rifle in 7.62x39mm caliber, but also design it to take AK magazines. As you can see that configuration allows countries like Kazakistan to adopt modern rifles without any trouble concerning logistics, compatibility and interchangeability.

If anything small arms related appears during the actual parade, we’ll post about it here on Silah Report.

Hrachya is an Infantry Veteran from Armenia, who uses his Russian fluency to research historical and contemporary small arms.

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