Suppressed Tariq Handgun

This image appeared on a recent propaganda video with images attributed to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), or an Al Queda affiliate group. Among a collection of weapons seized by HTS from a Daesh cache is what appears to be a suppressed Iraqi Tariq handgun. The location of the seizure was in Idlib.

The Tariq is an Iraqi licensed produced version of the Beretta M1951, popular throughout Iraq after the fall of Saddam’s forces in 2003. It is quickly recognizable by A vast number were produced but to S.R’s knowledge, there wasn’t a large production run of barrels capable of attaching a muzzle device. This leads S.R to believe that this particular handgun was probably a modified version or a source of M1951 barrels with threaded muzzles was found somewhere.

Miles is the founder, editor, and local Khan governing Silah Report. He is quite found of obscure languages, dangerous locales, and fascinating small arms designs and uses.

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