Diamond Arms Company of Darra Adam Khel

Darra Adam Khel is a town in Pakistan where the trade of many locals is the manufacturing of firearms and ammunition. It is normally hard to find information concerning any new guns of the local masters. However, some of these shops started using the Internet as a marketing tool and are now presented in social media websites which allows us to see some of their works. Among such companies is the Diamond Arms Company. By browsing through their social media pages, I selected some of the most interesting firearms they have made or modified.


The Diamond Arms Company has several rifles which design is a mix of different firearms. In the two images below, you can see one of such rifles which looks to have an AK mechanism, AR-15 magazine adapter, and AR-15 barrel. It feeds from AR-15 magazines and is probably chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO caliber. It would be interesting to know how they redesigned the locking mechanism. Did they modify the AK bolt carrier to work with the AR-15 bolts and barrels? Or did they modify the AR-15 barrel to fit into the AK front trunnion? It would be also interesting to know whether a direct impingement or a piston operated gas mechanism is incorporated into the design.

Judging by the magazine dimensions, next one must be chambered in a pistol caliber. It is also a hybrid of AR and AK designs. Note the AR-15 style charging handle.

Next one is apparently based on an AK but chambered in a pistol caliber. Probably it is the so-called “30 bore” which normally refers to the 7.62x25mm Tokarev cartridge.

Next rifle looks to be an AK and H&K G3 hybrid. The markings on the receiver say Z-K ARMS CO. which means it is either a firearm made by a different company or it is based on a receiver made by a different company. Note that this rifle has an AK-style safety selector and HK-style overall layout and front sight.

Below you can see another pistol caliber AK-based rifle with engraved parts.

The keychain ring style attachment on the gas block/front sight base must be an old cavalry saddle ring style sling swivel.


Diamond Arms Company’s shotgun is probably based on a production model semi-auto shotgun. The stock and pistol grip design are rarely seen made of wood.


Diamond Arms Company has several pistol designs which have some unique or unusual design solutions. Particularly, the one in the images below has wood used in rather unusual places for semi-auto shotguns. It has a wooden part on the magazine base plate, wooden cover on the extended magazine and what looks to be a wood covered rear sight … or is it a wooden rear sight?. The purpose of the trigger guard shape is unknown to me.

The trigger shape of the next pistol is rather unusual too.

Lastly, below are the contacts of this company.

If you know any details concerning the firearms shown in this article, please let us know via e-mail or in the comments section below.



Hrachya is an Infantry Veteran from Armenia, who uses his Russian fluency to research historical and contemporary small arms.

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