Pakistan’s locally made 7.62 x 25 Tokarev

The Tokarev (colloquially known as TT in Pakistan), received a cult following since its arrival in Pakistan somewhere in the late 1970’s, that somehow has still maintained its status as a fearsome self-defense weapon. In fact, during that period, post-Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the two weapons that made it to Pakistani markets were the AK-47 and the Tokarev pistol. For gun aficionados, no collection was complete without these two weapons in one’s inventory. The TT was a much sought after weapon, it was semi-auto, had a very potent round and the thing to possess.

Later Chinese, as well as Serbian variants of the Russian TT, found their way in the country. For quite some time the TT ruled as a weapon of choice till the venerated 9x19mm hit the markets and turned the tide in its favor as a caliber of choice. Around the early 1980’s Pakistani made TTs found their way into the local markets simply because these were inexpensive, the ammo was dirt cheap and available in thousands or perhaps millions. Even today the average Pakistani is confident and wants a TT as a trusted reliable weapon, the fact that it is easily available and inexpensive, around $ 20-35 only, adds to its popularity.  Later these weapons started appearing in various shapes and sizes, which somehow made them appear more fearsome and attractive for the buyers. The weapon being reviewed is a local made TT, with a double stack magazine that increases its capacity from 8 to 18!! To make it more attractive this piece works only on full-auto!! Its gold plated and looks as much good as it feels good to hold in one’s hands.


Caliber:              7.62 x 25 (.30 bore)

Length:              7.6″

Height:               5.3″

Barrel length:   4.6″

Magazine capacity:    18 rounds, double stack

Front blade, rear notch type sights

This particular piece is Fully Automatic

Weight:             1.15 kg

The weapon being made is a copy of the Chinese TT, and bears the words “Cal 30 Mauser, Made as Chine by Norinco”. Observe the gold plated, slide release, mag release, trigger and the barrel bearing. It adds to the looks of this finely finished handgun.

The magazine base plates are also gold plated and help to spruce up the looks on this TT. Observe the polished wooden grips.

Since the handgun is full auto it has a recess for fitting in a buttstock. This piece doesn’t come with one, but it can be made to order.

The barrel bearing is gold plated and gives a good contrast against the black finish.


The pistol has a standard front sight blade and rear notch fixed sights like the standard Tokarev.

The quality of workmanship isn’t all that bad. But one area in which the local weapons lack is good quality control. If this can be handled then they can really produce weapons which give consistent results.


This particular piece comes packed in an Aluminum box. Considering its features, look and price it isn’t a bad value for money weapon. TT’s have been around for quite some time, here in Pakistan. And now since POF is making 7.62 x 25 ammo so there’s choice of ammo to choose from Chinese, Russian and Pakistani and since ammo is inexpensive so TTs are common. So, for now, the TT is here to stay.

Nauman is a small arms enthusiast based in Pakistan, who runs his own blog, Random Ramblings-

  • Brasstard

    Too bad fullautos are now banned in Pakistan. I wonder how that is going to affect things, I watch a lot of Pakistani firing videos and I’m not sure if the weapons I’m seeing are legal or illegal. But they do have some very nice and unusual weapons including historical fully automatics, I’d hate to see those be destroyed or converted.

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