Pakistan’s locally made Beretta 92 FS or M9

With the advent of 9 mm in Pakistan the markets were filled with imported 9 mm pistols. These handguns were imported in big numbers from China, Russia, Turkey, Philippines, Brazil, South Korea and Czechoslovakia  (to name a few). And off course a scarce quantity of European and Amercian handguns, much coveted and wanted by anyone and everyone who could afford them, namely the Beretta, Sig Sauer, HK, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Browning and  Glock (which somehow has attained a cult status in Pakistan, for whatever reasons) made it to our shores. So it was obvious that the “Darra boys” had to make copies of the hottest selling items and the logical choice was Beretta 92 FS and Glock 19. So a lot of arms manufacturers started with the 92 FS thanks to modern machinery and methods. This small pictorial review will cover the 92 FS.

The Beretta 92 FS or M9 is being made here by a number of private small arms manufacturers. In fact the Pakistan Ordnance Factory also made one, and named it POF 9, but more on that later 🙂 This particular handgun costs anywhere between 18 to 25 thousand rupees, that would make it roughly $ 160 ~ 220. Here are the specs of this handgun:

Caliber: 9 mm

Length: 8.5″

Height: 5.4″

Barrel length: 4.9″

Magazine capacity: 15 rounds, double stack

Sights: Fixed front and rear (3 dot)

Weight: 1.0 kg approximately

Single/Double action



Thanks to modern machines the markings have improved considerably


The marking on the fame as well as slide is just like the original Beretta. Surprisingly the public at large loves to buy these guns considering their low cost and the markings give a false sense of security to the buyers.



Here is a photo of the frame disassembled. One can see some tooling marks but overall the quality isn’t all that bad.


A close up of the frame.


A close up of the slide dis-assembled.



Here’s a shot of the barrel.

The recoil spring and the spring guide.

The Beretta 92 FS is named and sold as it is. The local private arms manufacturers do not rename their handguns to give them a look of authenticity. The public doesn’t mind this as these handguns are inexpensive and if they work all right then it is all good business. The arms manufacturers in Peshawar and Darra have modernized themselves with CNC machines and that has considerably improved the quality of weapons being made by them. Although they lack proper QC procedures and this results in inconsistencies, but considering the price, these weapons sell quite well.

Nauman is a small arms enthusiast based in Pakistan, who runs his own blog, Random Ramblings-

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