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AfghanistanPashto/Dariافغانستان‎, Pashto: Afġānistān [avɣɒnisˈtɒn, abɣɒnisˈtɒn],[9] Dari: Afġānestān [avɣɒnesˈtɒn]), officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia.[10][11] The country has a population of 35 million, making it the 42nd most populous country in the world. Afghanistan is bordered by Pakistan in the south and east; Iran in the west; TurkmenistanUzbekistan, and Tajikistan in the north; and China in the far northeast – it also borders Gilgit-Baltistan in this region which is claimed by India. Its territory covers 652,000 square kilometers (252,000 sq mi), making it the 41st largest country in the world.

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