Welcome to Silah Report’s MENA and Central Asian region country database! Here we do our best to catalog, reference, and list small arms and light weapons that have been designed, reached production, imported or exported within the countries of this region since the end of hostilities in the First World War, or the Sykes-Picot Treaty. Pages will be organized by country, with entries for individual small arms or light weapons, while imports and exports will be separate pages for those countries.

Middle East & North Africa

People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Republic of Armenia

Kingdom of Bahrain

Arab Republic of Egypt

State of Israel

Republic of Iraq

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

State of Kuwait

Lebanese Republic

Kingdom of Morocco


Sultanate of Oman

State of Qatar

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Syrian Arab Republic

Republic of Tunisia

Republic of Turkey

United Arab Emirates

Palestine Authority (West Bank, Gaza Strip)

Republic of Yemen

Central Asia 

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Republic of Azerbaijan

Islamic Republic of Iran

Republic of Kazakhstan‎

Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan)‎

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Republic of Tajikistan‎


Republic of Uzbekistan‎

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