Silah Report Has a New Look!

Silah Report recently undertook a massive transformation, moving servers, changing appearances, working out the new kinks. Because this website is personally run, all this had to take place between actual jobs and other commitments. But we hope you like the new appearance, it certainly is much more professional than the previous one. We will also update the country database. Originally we intended the country database to be an all encompassing snapshot at the small arms history within a particular country.

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More Kalashnikov Nomenclature Charts In Arabic

Earlier on Silah Report we showcased a number of Kalashnikov and small arms nomenclature and terminology charts in use by Iraqi small arms traders and enthusiasts. Since then we’ve gathered some more material, this time much more Kalashnikov centric. These charts continue to show perceptions of the rifles in use throughout the region and what is available. Although we have similar charts in the United States the unfortunate reality is that many of those charts are tailored to the Kalashnikov

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Arabic Guides to Kalashnikov and Ammunition Nomenclature

Much like in the United States Kalashnikov collector or enthusiast market, Iraqi Kalashnikov owners understand the differences in quality between AKs from different countries. The European ones take precedence over Chinese, and Russian variants when original remain supreme and commandeer a premium when it comes to cost.   These sets of markings are designating┬áthe country of origin┬ástamps in addition to examples of serial number blocks. While still maintaining the country origin markings, this chart explicitly shows the selector markings as

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