Yazicilarav’s Cosmos Bolt Action Rifle at SHOT 2018

The relatively small Turkish company Yazicilarav brought out their Cosmos bolt action rifle to SHOT 2018 this year. The commercial rifle is chambered in .308 Win¬†and .223 Rem. It also comes in a “Camo”, “NATO Green”, or “Black” finish. Although it is marketed as “Multi-Caliber”, this only appears to be in product offerings instead of a true multi-caliber interchangeable¬†barrel. The operating mechanism is very simple, appearing to be a Mauser action, utilizing front bolt lugs to lock the action in

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Kral Arms at SHOT 2018

Kral Arms brought out their “Compact” 12 Gauge bullpup semiautomatic shotgun at SHOT 2018 this year. Essentially the “Compact” is the companies previous 12 Gauge XPS Kalashnikov patterned shotgun fit into the polymer frame of a bullpup. It retains the safety lever externally. There is a trigger bar that extends to the Kalashnikov trigger mechanism in the rear. The shotguns are offered with red dot sights, plain BUIS sights, or an improvised A2 handguard that extends the entire length of

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