Krinkology: For Every Saudi, There is a Yemeni…

This image of a Yemeni Houthi, armed with a Zastava 7.62x39mm M92, what appears to be a Makarov, and a traditional Jambiya knife tucked into his belt has made numerous waves throughout Houthi social media over the previous several months. The rifle has a more or less standard Kalashnikov pattern sling, and as the stock unfolded. The photograph itself of the man dressed in red has been circulated with a number of sayings attached to it as a sort of

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Sudanese AR10 in the wild, Yemen edition

This photograph was recently found on social media and features a local Yemeni man posing with an 7.62x51mm NATO AR10 next to his friend with what appears to be a modified 7.62x39mm RPK (due to the compensator) mounted with a 45 round magazine. The AR10 in question appears to be one of the largest contracts that Armlite produced of AR10s, which was the Sudanese contract of approximately 2500 rifles in the 1950s. This inference is taken from the proximity of

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