Iraq Spotlight: STG44 & MP40 Pair

Recently coming out of Baghdad are these images of a very well worn down German STG44 and what comparatively appears to be a less used 9x19mm MP40 submachine gun. There were not any close up photographs of the internals of the small arms so it is hard to ascertain what year in WWII either was made in.

16640661_1307580419322630_6634988205963306852_n 16649575_1307580435989295_4333584821653400111_n 16681784_1307580485989290_8186590511940828433_n 16807711_1307580285989310_6590856711305527722_n

STG44s have been reported in abundance in neighboring Syria, often arming Daesh troops in Raqqa. There is even an inside report on these rifles by a source in Syria from TFB. The largest issue with them is that 7.62x33mm Kurz is extremely hard to come by, although the rifles themselves are very plentiful and in like new condition.

Notice on the MP40 the grip sleeve. These are used on a number of handguns in Iraq and is actually an Airsoft import from China. They come in a number of colors, from green to tan, to black.

16830653_1307580562655949_2649343178168701307_n 16830913_1307580519322620_5621271676205644916_n

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